Learning is a Continuous Process!

State Class 10 results are out! Congratulations for the winners and schools who had secured impressive results. My special congratulations go to those government school teachers who in spite of all hardships and vile environment toiled to make emphatic success this year.

Teaching no doubt is one of the noble professions. We, Indians with the background of guru-sishya system of education have deep-rooted affection and respect towards teachers. However, like any other profession, we have perfect and not-so-perfect teachers. As previously mentioned, you need to find your passion and follow your heart when selecting a career. Only you can unearth your passion and nurture it. Otherwise, you are very likely to end up in a wrong job. If you end up in a wrong job then not only you but many others are impacted.

I was fortunate and not so fortunate to have good and bad teachers. I still remember with annoyance about my physics sir (plus two), who used to be biased while delivering his lectures. For him the understanding level of the brightest student is the benchmark for subject delivery. Moreover, he has a dislike for average (I was one among them) and below average students. He fine-tunes his lectures for the smarties and ignores the others. I still believe that a teacher or a mentor should be able to treat all his disciples equally and without any prejudices. Your talent as a teacher should be directed towards making an average or poor learner good, if not great. That is my performance evaluation criterion for a teacher.

There are other categories of teachers whom by chance or fate become a teacher. Such lot would never update their knowledge base even if there are opportunities to enrich their knowledge. Think about a situation where the teacher fails to explain a topic or shuts up the pupil who nags him/her with a smart question. Nowadays we have access to knowledge at the click of a button. There is no age bar to get trained or study new courses. We have many such unsung heroes around us who had proved that if you have the will you can surmount any impediment in life or career.

Many think that learning is only linked to promotion or pay increase. In fact, its about the benefits it brings you, your family, your organization and the society. The immediate benefits from added certifications would be personal growth, better employability and more desirable to employers and beneficiaries.

Original Article Published in Career Focus Newsletter; www.centriq.co.in/careerfocus.pdf

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