Unleash the Entrepreneur in You!

Entrepreneurs are considered as evolved human beings who are willing to take risks. Anyone could get bitten by an entrepreneur bug at any age. The CEO of Alchemist Empire Inc in US is 17 year old Anshul Samar. Anshul started this company at the age of 13 to sell a Chemistry Card Game devised by him. The support and encouragement he got from his parents to start this venture is noteworthy. Interestingly, at the age of 13 he could convince a Venture Capitalist (VC) to fund his idea.

Most of our parents would compromise their health and wealth to ensure that their wards get quality education and then secure a job either in public sector or in a nationalized bank. In such a society, idea to start own business would invite lot of agony, insult and threats from family, relatives and even neighborhood. To discourage well wishers would narrate and quote lot of failure stories to this wannabe entrepreneur. However, they will not quote success stories from Kerala or India or elsewhere.

If you have an Idea that you are convinced would change the world then you should listen to you inner voice or gut feeling only. You need to have the passion and energy to see the idea is developed into a viable business model. You may need to find help in converting your idea into a business plan. With a well crafted and simple business plan you may convince an angel investor or your friends or relatives to raise the initial capital for the startup. A business plan doesnot need to have many pages.

The important point is that if you could explain your idea in 2-3 pages then you know what you are talking about. It is better to find a mentor or join some course where you may get professional knowledge in preparing a business plan, establishing a business, managing the operations, human capital and so on. Never listen to negative comments or unqualified advice once you are convinced about your idea.

Most of the times, road to success will be very testing and painful. The day you have decided to start your own entity you should prepare your mind to take risks and tackle challenges that may pop up on the way. For few there will be some initial setbacks, but every failure would provide a lesson and you should avoid the same mistake second time. Remember! If people like Narayana Murthy, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates hesitated to take challenges, our world would have been different now. Such people are gifted with novel ideas and destined to enrich our lives. Are you ready to plunge into the entrepreneurial world and make a dent in the universe? Good Luck!

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