The Innovative Plan!

You need to be creative to come up with ideas that would impact a process, a product or sometimes our lives. Smartly translating that idea to a process or a product that would challenge the status quo is innovation. In simple terms, you can innovate to come up with a better output. Last week, I was harsh on our youth for their dont care attitude. If you are not changing your attitude then even if you are a highly creative human being, still your creativity will end within you.

Our schooling system requires only chasers and there is no or little room for your creativity and innovation. Science Exhibition may give very obscure opportunity to display your creativity and innovation. While at school you are chasing the dreams of your parents and laurels for your school. Thats what we call result oriented. Unfortunately, you dont have any role except to run with the baton.

While in college, you have already signed up with your career destiny. Semester exams, projects and seminars will keep you occupied so that creativity is in the waiting list. Final semester (mostly professional colleges) would see you attending many campus interviews and you fetch job offers from most prestigious companies. Well done! You fulfilled your parents dreams!

While delivering Whats Next? career planning talk, I always utilize the 3 circle strategy (hedgehog Concept) to illustrate how to find the perfect job. The idea is that if you are not encompassing all the 3 circles, then you would become an employee. Again, your creativity and innovativeness will be fossilized.

Soon, life will become more complex with the introduction of themes like marriage, children, and a never ending wish list for worldly possessions (house, car and so on...). Is it fair to supress your creative and innovative mind like this? You need to plan meticulously (while at school) to find balance between all these. You need support from your parents and teachers. If you have a mentor then seek his/her help to fix all the spokes of your success wheel judiciously. This may give you an opportunity to make a dent in the universe and a story to tell your grandchildren!

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