Training Programs

We have both the options depending on the client requirement. If it is onsite, C-19 protocol will be strictly followed.

We conduct the online training through online meeting software like Google Meet, Zoom etc.

Of course! All our programs are highly interactive and our trainers encourage participants to ask questions.

Training Programs

For mentees, the value of having a mentor is undisputed. An experienced mentor can help a mentee become more efficient at work, learn new skills, develop greater confidence, and make more logical decisions.

Now! Because mentoring is a learning relationship, it is beneficial to all people regardless of age or career phase. It is never too early for learning and goal development, and it is never too late.

A mentor is the person who had travelled the path before. So, it is important for a jobseeker or an entrepreneur to have a mentor. In addition, the role of Mentor may be to serve as a "role model," whereas the role of a trainer is generally to deliver a specific topic with limited follow-up with the trainee.

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